How Marijuana Conversations Have Changed In 2018

Cannabis-MD forums

Back in my day medicinal marijuana was code for smoking pot. Now, the cannabis plant is commonly known to provide a variety patients with relief from their ailments. Gregory L. Smith, MD, MPH and his constituents fed off this progress and created the first free forum for patients of all sorts to ask and answer questions, guided by real medical professionals. Cannabis-MD sells cannabis products for a profit, but it seems intentions are in the right place.

There are a TON of constituents, supporters, entrepreneurs and investors coming out of the woodwork in the cannabis industry. Colorado’s made over a billion dollars from the stuff.

Cannabis-MD forums
The Cannabis community can now communicate on Cannabis-MD forums for free!

The Cannabis-MD team is partnered with a variety of providers, and intends to soon begin selling the CannaKit however due to regulations in Florida and other states, the device is still considered paraphernalia, and cannot be legally sold other than in medical dispensaries.

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4 thoughts on “How Marijuana Conversations Have Changed In 2018

    1. I live in Florida, and we’re still struggling with a lot of legislation. Tinctures, Oils, and CBD are the extent of medicinal marijuana here, which hopefully is enough to make a difference in some ill people’s lives. I’m not enough of an expert to know for sure!

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