Soonor or Later, Life Teaches Us These Things

Poetic article, self help and how life can teach us.

Sooner or later, life teaches us!

Living is an eternal learning.
Sooner or later life teaches us that not always the most expensive is the best and not always that clothes seemingly perfect on the mannequin in the store window gets the same way in us.
It teaches us that each one has his time and nobody thinks the same way.
It teaches us what similarities there are, but each one is unique and special in its own way.
It teaches us that the lawn next to being greener is most often just an illusion.
It teaches us that happiness consists in something different for each of us.
It teaches us that people come and go all the time and all the past disappointments and pains were necessary for our personal growth.
It teaches us that there is no such thing as “it was written in the stars”, we ourselves who built our future.
It teaches us that no matter how we are or look, there will always be people who will like us and people who will do the opposite.
It teaches us that criticism can be constructive.
It teaches us that we are not sum up by numbers.
It teaches us that certain problems in the family do not belong to us and that we are not obliged to suffer for them.
It teaches us that each one gives what he has.
It teaches us that sometimes it is necessary and even healthy to give way.
It teaches us that poverty and humility are two distinct things.
It teaches us that being smiling does not necessarily mean being happy.
It teaches us that even doctors, teachers, and scientists are still and will always remain in constant research and learning.
It teaches us that there is no problem in changing our minds or opinions.
It teaches us that technology and modernity are useful and beneficial if you know how to use them.
It teaches us that respecting is not agreeing and that despite agreeing to be a choice, respecting is a must!
It teaches us that what we learn in the classroom is not everything, we need to look beyond, we need to get out of the comfort zone.
It teaches us that we will always have to be choosing and often choose to include sacrifices and many of these sacrifices cannot be undone.
It teaches us that our children are new human beings, with tastes, personality and beliefs different from ours.
It teaches us that parents are not who we are.
It teaches us that blood is blood, name is identification and what counts is the individual character of each.
It teaches us that not always who seems to be always by our side, really wants to see us well and at the peak.
It teaches us that we need each other, be they friends or enemies.
It teaches us that money is not everything and does not buy much, but even so, we need it to survive.
Life teaches us that we need to focus on today so that tomorrow can meet our expectations.
Life itself teaches us to live. Every day, every second and we need to be attentive to your lessons. Many attitudes cannot be changed, but there is always the opportunity to take a new one.
Life is a road and its greatest teaching? If there is a solution, why worry about it? If there is no solution, why worry about it?

My name is Palloma Gimenes. I was born, raised and currently living in Brazil, but only the word \"foreigner\" is able to accelerate my heart. Yes, I love discovering about the different cultures in the world.
Portuguese is my mother tongue, but I also like to study English, Spanish, French and even I venture in Hebrew (Haha).
As I see it, the meaning of life is to feel alive!
And you can feel alive in several ways. For example, I feel alive when I am in contact with other people and cultures.
The human being is something really amazing to me. The ability to reason, to survive, to communicate, to move around, to create and build, to feel, to see, to think, the different gifts, talents, beliefs and the like.
I believe we are the most imperfect creatures on earth, yet I am still in love with us!
Another fascination is what we call imagination. This is definitely the place where absolutely anything can happen!
I always take time to enjoy my imagination, because it is from her that I elaborate the stories I write. Of course I also like to write about the real things that happen in my life or around. I\'m always jotting down everything. Everything is inspiration!
That\\\'s why I decided to create the Blog.
I wanted a space to store my thoughts and ideas and share them at the same time.
And through sharing, receiving. Receive new friendships, new ideas, inspirations, knowledge, etc.
This is my way of being close to people, especially of whom I am far away.


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