The World Seems Ready for Marijuana Tampons

I’m obviously not a woman, but I grew up in a household with a sister and I have a lot of female friends, so I know that monthly cramps can be a serious, painful issue for many women. One company is looking to ease the pain for cramp sufferers with an idea that’s a little out of the norm: tampon-like products that contain marijuana.

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Foria is a company that develops plant-based wellness products, and they’ve decided to utilize the pain-relieving power of marijuana to help all the women out there who suffer from intense cramps. Foria Relief is its name, and it is actually a suppository that is inserted like a tampon. The company says that women can use the Foria Relief along with regular tampons to maximize…well, relief.

Photo Credit: Instagram, ereciaday

The “tampons” are made with only organic products: cocoa butter, THC oil, and CBD isolate. As more and more states legalize marijuana, maybe this will catch on and help many more women who suffer mightily every month.

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