Top 87 Affiliate Marketing Blogs and Bloggers That Can Make You Rich

Affiliate Marketing Blog is what people call it the thing now! Most of the bloggers are trying hard to be Affiliate Marketer nowadays. I cannot blame any of them; I have seen and followed Affiliate Marketing Blogs that are consistently making $x, xxx per day (profit)! Not bad right? I will tell you about them in a bit.

There are very successful Affiliate Market Courses that can make you rich, here are 2 of my favorites:

1 – Earnest Affiliate by Johnny FD, this is suitable if you are a beginner. Johnny will take you through a very detailed step by step to make your first $100 and then $100 within very few weeks and eventually over $10,000 monthly as he earns right now, you can check his monthly earning at Incom Report. He also teaches you how to start a blog in a very short time and get good traffic.

2 – Affiliate Mastery Challenge by STM Forums, this is a very advanced high-level course, and they will require you to have at least 3 hours per day to look at their content. The biggest problem in this course that they open their doors every 6-8 months to only 100 new people, so if you are interested, go to their website and register your name right now, you will be notified once they open for registration.

Alternatively, you may check How to earn your first $1,000 online.

So a bit of overview about what’s the Affiliate Market?

Affiliate Marketing is the one of most important part of any business. You may be producing the best goods in the world. Unless and until customers know about it, you will not be able to sell your produce to earn a profit. You need an effective marketing or advertising campaign for this purpose.
In short, marketing is taking your product to the customer. It should be part of your strategy to let the customer know everything about your product. You can do this in many ways. We shall examine certain aspects of marketing in detail. Before that, let us look at the different methods of marketing or advertising.

  • By the oral route: This is the simplest and earliest form of marketing known to humanity.
  • The print media: With the improvement in technology, you were able to put down your thoughts on paper. You could be able to reach a larger audience by this method of marketing.
  • The electronic media: With the advent of the radio and the television technology, you were able to explain your product in a more efficient manner enabling greater reach across the globe.
  • The internet: This is the present day method of marketing. Today internet has reached practically every home in the world. The use of the smartphones has accentuated the need for having an increased awareness about the internet. Marketing strategists see this as a great opportunity to advertise their products through this vibrant medium.

We shall now dwell our thoughts on the aspect of internet marketing. Internet Marketing has many aspects. We shall consider them in brief.

  1. Email marketing: in this method of marketing, you promote your product by sending emails to a select mailing list of customers.
  2. Search Engine Optimization: This method envisages the use of preferred keywords for the promotion of your product. You manipulate the use your keywords to solicit easier search of your products over the internet search engines.
  3. Content marketing: You search the internet for product reviews submitted by actual users of the product. This can give you a fair idea about the product you wish to buy.
  4. Referral Marketing: You have a select band of loyal customers here. They act as brand ambassadors for your product and bring in new customers by referring their friends and relatives. This is an effective way of marketing today.
  5. Affiliate marketing: This is a type of a performance-based marketing rewarding its customers for referring other prospective customers to its fold.

We shall now narrow down our discussion to affiliate marketing.

This method of marketing is an overlapping of various types of internet marketing methods. There are four players in this kind of industry.

  • The first category is the merchant or the retailer.
  • The second type is the network through which the affiliates work. This takes care of the payment aspects too.
  • The affiliate is the third link in the chain. He is the one who publishes the advertisements and brings in the customers.
  • The customer forms the final link in the chain.

The affiliate marketers use all the Internet marketing methods to some degree such as email marketing, search engine marketing, pay per click advertising methods, and even display marketing techniques too. They also rely on product reviews by customers or professional bloggers on the internet.


Are you serious about Affiliate Market?

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Role of bloggers in affiliate marketing:

Bloggers play a critical role in affiliate marketing. They write about the product in their blogs and post it on various media such as the social media network and so on. People visit these blog sites or forums and learn the details about the product. This can influence their decision-making process a great deal. These bloggers do not use the product for which they submit a review (few of them do like Johnny FD). They dwell upon the positive as well as negative aspects of the products. These blogs usually contain a link to enable the customer to access the product online. In case he finalizes the deal, the affiliate gets a commission out of the sale proceeds. This style of marketing is very popular today, especially among the younger generation.

Many companies are into this field of affiliate marketing today. This type of marketing has many benefits. We shall list out a couple of those.

  • This is a cost-effective method of marketing for the merchant. He can save on advertising costs and hence may be able to pass on the benefit to the ultimate customer.
  • The affiliate marketer eliminates the entire middle chain and links the customer directly to the merchant. He derives a decent commission out of the sales proceeds.
  • The customer can get his product at a much lower price than the market retail cost.

Because bloggers play a crucial role in affiliate marketing. We shall examine the profiles of individual bloggers who write about the affiliate market in their blogs. Through their blogs, they create awareness for the product. These bloggers are probably the best ones in the market, and I have personally learned a lot from them. We shall include the MOZ rank, their website, and Social Media while profiling each blogger.


Charles Ngo
Moz Rank: 33

Charles Ngo is a renowned and respected internet marketer in the world. He discovered internet marketing by accident in the year 2007. He was surprised at the avenues it could provide for earning money online. The greatest advantage of the internet marketing is that one can work online without having geographic constraints.He chanced upon the affiliate-marketing concept somewhere in 2008. This method enables him to earn money by selling other peoples goods online. In the bargain, he gets a commission on the sale. He feels that writing good blogs is one key to a great career in earning money online. He is an effective speaker as well.

Gael Breton
Moz Rank: 33

Gael Breton is the founder of the affiliate marketing concern Authority Hacker. He is an online marketer with experience in writing blogs about affiliate marketing and earning money doing online business. He has written good blogs on the use of Clickbank as a sure way of making money online. He has explained in a very simple manner as to how one can make optimum use of the website to do affiliate marketing and earn a good sum on a daily basis. He has made a lot of money from such activities and is now working for only for some selected clients.

Jitendra Vaswani
Moz Rank: 33

Jitendra Vaswani is a blogger from India. He is the founder of Digiexe, a complete Digital Marketing Services. He has two more companies to his credit such as Bloggersideas and TechNoven. He has an experience of 5 years in SEO techniques and the digital marketing fields. He is an expert in social media optimization as well. He did his graduation from Rajasthan Technical University. He started working as an SEO executive before venturing out on his own. He is a good speaker too. He takes great pride in being a straightforward and honest individual. He has a great love for computer games.

Luke Kling
Moz Rank: 32

Luke Kling is the Director of Marketing at He manages the marketing department of Peerfly. This includes managing the affiliate management team as well as managing marketing assets. Prior to his stint at Peerfly Inc, he was associated with He had his formal education from Illinois State University. He is an experienced blogger cum content writer. He writes on affiliate marketing in his blogs. His special area of operation is web application development and affiliate marketing. Other than official interests, he has a passion for playing golf and solving the Rubik cube. He is a motivational speaker as well. He operates the website

Johnny fd
Moz Rank: 30

Johnny FD is an entrepreneur and author rolled into one. He is a multitalented person. His main specialties are blogging, writing, online marketing and SEO among other activities related to affiliate marketing. He is the author of ‘Amazon Publishing’. He is a fan of Muay Thai fighting. He fights too. He is also a SCUBA diving instructor. In addition, he is a guest lecturer at Harvard University. In between, he finds time to write meaningful blogs on affiliate marketing as well. He did his education from University of California. It is difficult to locate such a multitalented person in this field of affiliate marketing.

Josh Kraus
Moz Rank: 86

Josh Kraus, an autobiographist and writer has an interest in art, entrepreneurship, and emerging industries. He belongs to Denver and lives an easy go life. His main passion is writing. When not involved in his passion, you may find him on an exploration tour around his house. You may also see him buy a carton of almonds. He had his education in the Indiana University at Bloomington. Many people consider him a funny writer. You can see some of his works in publications such as ThinkProgress, SitePoint, PandoDaily, and others. He has been writing since 2009. This shows he is an experienced blogger.

Kristen Gajda
Moz Ra: 85

Kristen Gajda is a Merchant Development Manager with affiliate marketing company ‘ShareAsale’. This company is in the business of affiliate marketing for the past fourteen years. They have a reputation for delivering speedy, accurate, and efficient content. The company builds tools to assist their clients succeed at affiliate marketing. They have a team of bloggers of which Kirsten is also one. Her job is to guide the merchants and help them to find ways to optimize their programs in a better manner. She loves chatting with merchants. She has great interest in sports and is a fitness junkie.

Ryan Hudgins
Moz Rank: 83

Ryan Hudgins is an advertiser with the affiliate-marketing firm CJ Affiliate by Conversant LLC. The old name of this company was Commission Junction. This company is a top rated affiliate marketing company in the world. The job of the advertiser is to ensure a wide range of pay for performance-based marketing opportunities and help companies to improve their growth. This is a fantastic idea to retain the existing clientele as well as scout for fresh ones. Ryan connects with the consumers and helps them improve their sales by bringing all his expertise at the world’s largest productive publisher network.

Jill Wahlen
Moz Rank: 85

Jill Wahlen is an experienced blogger on the affiliate-marketing website Rakuten Marketing. Rakuten Marketing is a fast growing marketing website. She writes about the achievements of the staff members of Rakuten Marketing. She takes pride in interviewing them after highlighting their contribution to the growth of the company. Her main job is to introduce the staff to the world at large through her informative blogs. The company is very active on the social media marketing network such as Facebook, Instagram, and so on. Her comments on the blog spot are always informative to the core. She has a very presentable style of

Darren Rowse
Moz Rank: 81

Darren Rowse is a professional blogger at Problogger. He has an admirable personality with all sorts of people wishing to take selfie photographs with him. He has a passion of sharing blogging tips. He says that he did not have the advantage to know these tips about a dozen years ago when he started blogging. His aim is to help you to take the blogs to the next level. He advises that you have to work hard as well as smart to achieve your goals. He also likes to help people to earn a recurring income online. He shares business strategies and techniques to do so.

Jeff Johnston
Moz Rank: 80

Jeff Johnston is an experienced writer at Tradedoubler. His job is to highlight and display the company’s achievements on the website. The company is at present working on the Zoo project. This is a business incubator of sorts. This project can help entrepreneurs to grow form the grass roots level. The project envisages training the startup companies to develop into full-fledged ones. He is at present holding the post of Vice President of the Product Management Division at Tradedoubler. Some of his achievements include generating leads and driving the conversions home. He has a lucid way of explaining the most difficult things.

Pat Flynn
Moz Rank: 71

Pat Flynn is the creator of the website He has a passion for teaching people how to increase their passive income doing online business. He is of the opinion that nothing is easy in life. He can teach you methods to take advantage of the automation systems that allow transactions as well as cash flow followed by growth. You need not be present to earn this income. Having compiled these instructions in mp3 files, he invites all to go through the same. He has uploaded a video too to guide first time visitors to his website. He goes on to dispel many myths of earning passive income.

Alex Becker
Moz Rank: 93

Alex Becker is the Global Vice President as well as General Manager at Branded Manufacturers for Digital River. In spite of holding such a major post in the company, Alex is a compulsive writer of blogs on the official website. He has more than 20 years of experience in helping business enterprises achieve their objectives with sales, P/L, and General Management departments. He had his education at Butler University. Prior to joining Digital River, he was associated with companies such as Fujitsu Consulting PTC and Sun Chemical Corporation. His specialty is bringing e-commerce solutions to the market.

Moz Rank: 68

Ryan Robinson is a professional on content marketing. Starting as a freelance writer, he has now graduated as a content marketing consultant. He is of the opinion that a compelling content is necessary for every business to thrive today. He teaches business owners to identify their audience and have a targeted traffic to convert them into customers. His aim is to teach people how to earn good money even while working full time. He has a passion for delivering great amount of value using meaningful content. He also gives free tips on how to kick-start any business and sustain it throughout.

David Troop
Moz Rank: 61

David Troop is a science graduate from the North Carolina State University. He is at present the Affiliate Manager at LinkConnector. He is an expert in affiliate and network marketing with special emphasis on PPC, SEO, and social media marketing techniques. He is also adept in web analytics, digital and mobile marketing too. At LinkCollector, his job is to launch new affiliate programs or help in taking the present ones to the next level. With his experience and skills in the field of online marketing, he is an asset to any company. He is of the opinion that an effective marketing strategy should be in place for any enterprise to succeed globally.

Stephen Kerin
Moz Rank: 64

Stephen Kerin is a Group Managing Director at Webgains. Having graduated from worked in the industry since 1994, and been associated with Webgains since May 2011. He is a skillful online marketing professional having sufficient knowledge of marketing techniques such as email marketing, SEM, integrated marketing, and conversion optimization. In addition to being a marketing expert, he is an avid fan of cricket and golf. He spends his free time watching cricket matches usually involving the English team.

Steve Sauve
Moz Rank: 60

Steve Sauve is the CTO/owner of MaxBounty Inc situated in Ottawa, Canada. He founded the company in February 2004. He is an Electronics Engineer from the St Lawrence College. He is of the view that this college degree made him enjoy software development. He is an expert software designer. He is experienced as evident from his stints at software development in various companies such as GeoVision, EDS Group, and Eftia OSS Solutions.He brings his vast knowledge of software development to the fore in the online marketing campaigns of MaxBounty Inc. He is an expert on social media marketing and conversion optimization techniques.

Anthony Clements
Moz Rank: 68

Anthony Clements is a Country Manager in the affiliate marketing company, Affiliate Window. He did his education from the Ardingly College as well as the King’s College in London. Though he is a Bachelor of Arts by qualification, he is an expert in affiliate marketing networks. He regularly writes for the Company as well. Affiliate Window is very active in offering support to online marketing strategies to improve the growth of any business enterprise. Anthony Clements has a tough job on hand as a Country Manager. He has sufficient experience of handling more than 90 people in the Client Services Department of the Company.

Jeremy Schoemaker
Moz Rank: 59

Jeremy Schoemaker has humble beginnings in life. He is the son of a teacher and a factory worker. He was a very fat teenager. He acquired to his Apple Computer at a very young age. He started developing web programs and started earning decent money online. He then completed his degree education and plunged fulltime into this occupation. The dotcom crash scenario saw him literally become bankrupt. He then set up his own blog ( and started earning good money through affiliate marketing. He is also a big fan of mixed martial arts. Today his blogs have a readership of over a thirty thousand people.

John Chow
Moz Rank: 58

John Chow is the founder and CEO of TTZ Media Inc, Vancouver, Canada. He is a speaker par excellence. He has great experience in blogging and is a successful entrepreneur. He has the credit of showing the world how to earn good money on the internet by blogging. In fact, he earned $40000 within a short period of two years and that too working for only two hours online. He is the author of many books on how to make money online. His blog spot is a very successful blog having readership content of over two hundred thousand on a daily basis. He appears frequently on important radio and television channels and speaks about blogging and making money online.

Jack Brewste
Moz Rank: 58

Jack Brewster is a Supports and Integrations Executive at AffiliateFuture in Cheam, Greater London. He is working here since the past one year. He deals with customer queries and assists his team with the integrations coming into the business. Prior to this assignment, he did his education from Ravensbourne and Glyn School. AffiliateFuture is an affiliate marketing concern having over three hundred advertisers and more than three hundred thousand publishers. They serve reputed clients such as jet2holidays, Singapore Airlines, and Magazine Subscriptions. They have an enhanced visual reporting system. He is a young digital marketing apprentice and is learning the ropes of the trade now.

Glen Allsopp
Moz Rank: 57

Glen Allsopp is the owner of ViperChill. This company teaches you how to make money online using techniques such as affiliate marketing and others. Glen Allsopp is an experienced writer in this field. He has written many blogs on the subject of making money online. He wishes to share his experiences with fresh freelancers and guide them through the process of making money online. He has many innovative ideas to share. He frequently does them through his informative blogs on the subject. He advocates novel ways of thinking as evident from his most recent guidebook, ‘How to make money online in 2016

Sara Weiss
Moz Rank: 52

Sara Weiss is an experienced social media and event coordinator at Impact Radius Inc. She possesses excellent community relationship and event coordination skills. Having graduated from the University of California, she has a passion for honing and expanding her skills in areas such as event planning, product marketing, and community engagement. Her responsibilities at Impact Radius are to oversee the social media distribution network and influence marketing relationships. She takes the lead in event planning and manages PR and marketing support functions. Her main skill is maintaining effective communication with key associates and sales team members through the event planning process.

Rae Hoffman
Moz Rank: 66

Rae Hoffman is the CEO of Pushfire as well as Sugarrae. She has been a search-engine optimization specialist for the better part of the last decade. She is a tremendous motivational speaker too. She has experience as a columnist with several industry specific publications such as Search Engine Land, Amex’s forum and others. In addition, she is a veteran at affiliate marketing. During her spare time, she reads books on crime, mafia, and celebrity rags. She has several awards to her credit. She is an effective fundraiser as well for the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association. She has a great following on the social media.

Moz Rank: 50

Harsh Agrawal is one of the few Indian professional bloggers. Having an engineering background, he ventured into a diverse area of starting an online venture. He opened his first blogging network in New Delhi under the name of ‘ShoutDreams’. He has helped many individuals as well as small businesses to improve their online visibility by integrating with his blog. Many international companies consider his concern as active part of Indian blogsphere. He has conducted many workshops and seminars for companies such as Indiblogger and Reseller Club hosting summit. His present blog, ‘Shoutmeloud’ is a very popular blog spot in India today.

Amy Lynn Andrews
Moz Rank: 50

Amy Lynn Andrews is a self-taught blogger and website creator. She converted the hobby of blogging into a full-time income earning opportunity. Now she uses her experience to teach others how to blog and earn a decent sum of money online. She is very active on social media and likes to share and impart knowledge. Her specialty is the simple non-technical style of teaching. This can help many a new blogger learning the tricks of the trade. She is a well-read individual having done her education at California State University, Fullerton, Biola University, and Hebrew University. She is in the field for more than 11 years.

Adam Hansen
Moz Rank: 49

Adam Hansel is a guest blogger at Affilorama Inc. This is an affiliate marketing training company. It offers free membership for anyone to join and learn the trade. Adam Hansen regularly writes blogs guiding people of the benefits of affiliate marketing. He has a very simple lucid style of making his point clear. This is an endearing trait He teaches you how to promote other people’s products on the affiliate-marketing network and make money for yourself. The website has many committed members having earned a decent sum of money doing precisely the activities advocated by Adam Hansen. It is worth giving a try.

Zac Johnson
Moz Rank: 49

Zac Johnson is President at MoneyReign Inc. He is a respected blogger worldwide. He is popular in internet circles for helping interested people grow their brands and earn a decent sum online. He is a self-taught man in this field. He has been making money online for the past 15 years and knows every facet of internet marketing. He launched his own website in 2007. He writes about efficient blogging techniques and teaches people to communicate well and earn good revenue. He is also on the Board of Directors with and manages their blogs, social media, as well as their news team.

Shawn Collins
Moz Rank: 49

Shawn Collins is a successful affiliate marketer since 1997. He is a co-founder of Affiliate Summit, a leading industry conference for affiliate marketing. He is also a passionate writer having written many books on affiliate marketing and ways to earn money online. He has won many awards in the field. He is an expert in online marketing as well. He is a motivational speaker having spoken at many affiliate-marketing events. He is an able consultant on issues of affiliate marketing to many companies all over the world. He had his basic education from the University of Maryland at College Park.

Ramsay Taplin
Moz Rank: 66

Ramsay Taplin is a self-confessed blogger having experience of blogging right since his days in the University. He was writing fitness blogs, one of which netted a 5-figure sale. He dropped out of the University and plunged into this line of business fulltime. He did web designing for some time before founding He shares his experiences with like-minded people helping them avoid the initial pitfalls in the industry. His website attracts more than a hundred thousand visitors every month. He has an aim of providing free as well as useful content for bloggers to grow their own online business.

Lisa Irby
Moz Rank: 49

Lisa Irby is a successful blogger with several informative blogs to her credit. One such website is the She teaches in a very simple manner how to create a website and insert the right kind of blogs to ensure meaningful traffic. Her article about a beginner’s guide to Clickbank is very informative and popular. Her contention is that commissions in Clickbank are exceptionally high, as they do not incur any distribution costs. She explains how to join Clickbank and promote your goods through the affiliate-marketing program. She also teaches about email marketing and other aspects of online marketing of products.

Eric Cigich
Moz Rank: 49

Eric Cigich is an active blogger on the website This is a popular affiliate-marketing website generating sufficient amount of traffic. They run various campaigns and pay the affiliated marketers in time. This website allows the clients to monetize online traffic through performance-based marketing. Eric Cigich is an effective blogger helping others to earn a sufficient amount online. This website results in zero risk and higher returns. Eric Cigich offers many tips to bloggers as well as affiliates helping them to do effective advertising. Many fresh businesses have earned a lot of traffic as well as money by advertising using his methods.

Matthew Woodward
Moz Rank: 68

Matthew Woodward is an award winning business and internet marketing blogger of repute. He specializes in teaching people how to earn a six-figure income in less than twelve months. He is also a keynote speaker teaching one to achieve the goals in an orderly manner. online. He lays great emphasis on SEO marketing techniques. His tutorials are very useful for fresh freelancers and bloggers as well. He has a very simple way of explaining things to people. He has begun very early at the age of just 13 years. He began by writing reviews for video games. Today he makes a full time income by blogging.

Chad French
Moz Rank: 46

Chad French is the President/CEO of Peerfly Inc having joined the company in January 2009. This is a service and sales marketing agency laying emphasis on branding, lead generation, and incentivized marketing. Chad French specializes in virtually all aspects of marketing such as PPC, affiliate marketing, SEO, and so on. He is also on the Board of many companies such as Executive Council of Performance Marketing, Better Business Bureau and so on. He has won many awards and honors in the field. He is an effective writer as well with interests in web development, travel, free market, as well as science .

Dan & Jennifer
Moz Rank: 66

Dan & Jennifer, as a pair are very enthusiastic bloggers, writing articles on a range of topics such as Clickbank Affiliate Marketing and others. Clickbank is a very effective and efficient affiliate-marketing website where you can promote your products and earn sufficient amount online too. The website is the perfect platform for bringing both the buyers and sellers on the same level. Dan & Jennifer suggest through their posts that you have to be selective in your products. They offer meaningful tips to every new blogger and help them to earn a decent sum online through online marketing and affiliate marketing.

Holly Reisem Hanna
Moz Rank: 43

Holly Reisem Hanna is the publisher of the award-winning website Living in Austin, Texas, Holly cares about children, economic empowerment, health, and environment. This benevolent side of her personality is the main reason behind the success of the award-winning website. She herself is a woman working from home. She knows the travails of the woman. Hence, her aim is to empower these women and make them financially independent. The self-employment techniques taught by Holly can make these women confident of facing the harsh world outside. She is very active on social media and rightly so. She can find many like-minded people on social media alone.

James Parsons
Moz Rank: 21

James Parsons is a content marketing professional specializing in SEO techniques. He likes to drive sales through effective blogging and create awesome as well as useful content. James usually writes on topics such as online marketing and ways to increase web traffic by promoting your Clickbank affiliate link. He writes very informative articles that are true as well as enlightening. He brings out his own experiences to help people earn money online over the internet through legitimate means. He has a clear understanding of the subject knows to distinguish between an affiliate marketer and a spammer. His blogs are very useful for beginners as well as seasoned campaigners.

Simon Holland
Moz Rank: 42

Simon Holland is freelance blogger writing on topics such as affiliate marketing and ways and means to make money online. He specializes in SEO content articles. He has a simple unobtrusive method of explaining things. He looks at things from the reader’s viewpoint. This is his hallmark. He also gives his opinions on ecommerce solutions. He is of the view that affiliate marketing has come to stay in today’s world. This is the future of all marketing according to him. His recent post about the ecommerce solution, Ambiance made interesting reading for the simple manner in which has explained everything.

Missy Ward
Moz Rank: 41

Missy Ward is an experienced blogger and writer. She is in this line of affiliate marketing right since 1999. She is the founder of Affiliate Summit Corporation along with her partner Shawn Collins. In addition to writing about affiliate marketing networks, she is also the publisher of She has a philanthropic side to her personality in that she has raised funds for ‘breast cancer’ awareness programs. Her specialty is internet marketing, performance marketing, brand management, and social media. She is a multi-faceted personality in many respects. She has written books such as ‘Make Money with your wordpress blog and so on.

Nana Gilbert-Baffoe
Moz Rank: 41

Nana Gilbert Baffoe is the founder of Blue Terra. This company is a leading developer of digital marketing solutions. He studied at the University of Illinois, Chicago. He used his engineering degree in full measure to create a new website blog. Nana has a very benevolent side to his character too. He cares greatly about children, education, as well as economic empowerment. Poverty alleviation is very close to his heart. He has a science background. Thus, naturally scientific topics are some his favorites. He writes on topics such as entrepreneurship, mobile marketing, and SEM too. He is very active on the social media network.

Lynn Terry
Moz Rank: 40

Lynn Terry is the owner of The company, founded in 1997 includes blogs on a various range of topics such as affiliate marketing, food, social media and so on. Lynn Terry is a professional blogger and a versatile speaker too. She has tremendous knowledge on the subjects she writes. Her blogs are very popular among the visitors to her website. She also does the job of an internet-marketing consultant. She has interests in various fields other than internet marketing such as lifestyle designing, travelling, quantum physics, and neuroscience. This makes her a very erudite person. She has won many awards in her chosen field.

Megan Gardner
Moz Rank: 39

Megan Gardner is the marketing coordinator at LOGiQ3 Corp. Based in Toronto; this is a marketing and advertising firm. She is a graduate of the Wilfrid Laurier University having a degree in communications. She has a postgraduate degree certificate in Strategic Relationship Marketing at George Brown College. She always had an interest in the core areas of marketing such as customer relationship management, market research and so on. She has used these skills perfectly in her job today. Her job includes using social media platforms to develop online presence. She has joined this company very recently. Prior to this assignment, she was the marketing coordinator at WhatRusWhere.

Alex Daskaloff
Moz Rank: 39

Alex Daskaloff is the owner of many companies, one of which is He also owns the companies, DaskLux and MiamiShared. He specializes in providing online solutions for publishers and advertisers alike. In fact, this is the second launch of this company. Previously they were experts in the credit card affiliate channel. This company has grown for 200 advertisers to more than 5000 today. He has wide knowledge on subjects such as affiliate marketing. He is an economics graduate from Boston University. He knows the functioning of the credit card systems as an additional bonus. He has designed some great luxurious suites as well.

Ian Fernando
Moz Rank: 37

Ian Fernando is a self-taught man. In fact, he is a college dropout. He has gone through the struggles of life. He tried many jobs in the past. Finally, he found online marketing as the best option and is now a known figure in the performance market. In addition to online marketing, he is an avid traveler. In spite of being a college dropout, he is an observant investor and a cunning speaker. He writes on a variety of topics with more emphasis on digital marketing. By carving a niche for himself in the affiliate-marketing field, he proves that you need not have a formal education to be successful if you can work hard.

Geno Prussakov
Moz Rank: 37

His full name is Evgenii “Geno” Prussakov. He is a multi-talented individual in the sense that he is an author, speaker, marketing consultant, affiliate blogger, as well as a founder of couple of affiliate management agencies. He is a graduate of the Cambridge University as well. He also contributes a lot to various industrial publications. Though he works as an affiliate-marketing manager and consultant, he enjoys writing and speaking the most. He loves blogging too. On the personal front, he has a beautiful daughter. He loves kayaking and fishing. He has different preferences when he tours Europe and the United States.

Pace Lattin
Moz Rank: 37

His real name is Pesach “Pace” Lattin. He is the Chief Marketing Officer at TwistFire Media. He has a very impressive background. He is the most influential in online media innovator in the advertising sector. He is working in the current company for the past six months only. Prior to this, he was the co-founder and editor-in-chief of ‘Performance Marketing Insider’. This is a major publication having over a hundred thousand readers in the industry. He is highly respected among the online media circle. With an experience of 15 years behind him, he has managed a reputation of having high standard of ethics.

Rosalind Gardner
Moz Rank: 36

Rosalind Gardner is a super affiliate marketer and blogger rolled into one. In addition, she is a tremendous motivational speaker too. She has great experience in this field and can spot out a bad article very soon. She lists out the mistakes people usually commit while writing articles. She also suggests steps to rectify the same and make the article presentable. Fresh bloggers can learn a lot from this young woman. She is famous for her handbook about how she made more than four hundred thousand dollars in one year selling third party goods. That is the essence of affiliate marketing.

Marcus Taylor
Moz Rank: 35

Marcus Taylor is a successful British entrepreneur. He is the founder of Venture Harbour. This company is responsible for construction of eight successful online businesses in fields such as advertising, travel, and music industries. Marcus is a very young professional having built over 13 online businesses. Right from the age of 10, he has been working with computers. He has won many awards in the online marketing field. He is also a very good keynote speaker. He has over 30 talks to his credit all over the world. Having done his graduation from King Alfreds College, his expertise is in digital marketing.

Jafar Dhada
Moz Rank: 36

Jafar Dhada is a freelance blogger from the Asian sub continent. He writes on how to make money online. He also extols the virtues of affiliate marketing and online marketing. He is of the opinion that these are good legitimate ways of making money online. He has shared some of his informative blogs on the subject in the website feels that one can earn a minimum of $50 per day in case one follows his tips regularly. He advocates one to have a little patience before money starts pouring in. He is a regular blogger on the internet on the subject of marketing.

Finch Sells
Moz Rank: 35

Finch Sells takes great pride in being a school dropout and still being able to earn good money in the online marketing field. This is the beauty of affiliate marketing. You need not have to be an academic expert to do the simple things right. There are many examples of school dropouts doing well on the internet. However, that does not mean that every dropout will do wonders. You should appreciate the hard as well as smart work done by Finch. He has listed a gigantic piece of information including the names of most of the well-known affiliate marketing resources.

Eric Nagel
Moz Rank: 34

Eric Nagel is a young professional affiliate marketer and blogger. He is the CTO at FMTC. He is an intelligent technology executive with over 15 years of experience in programming and online marketing. His passion is developing applications for allowing businesses to achieve their goals using automated tools. His area of expertise is SEO, PPC, and affiliate marketing strategies. He is also very active in the social media network. He has won many awards in his career until date. His job at FMTC is to lead a team of developers into designing innovative solutions for marketing professionals. In the personal front, he is a Boy Scouts leader.

Tricia Meyer
Moz Rank: 32

Tricia Meyer is an affiliate marketer, blogger and a happy person. She is a work-at-home woman with two kids. She is proof that anyone with a bit of steely resolve can do wonders with affiliate marketing techniques. She has gained tremendous experience in the field of affiliate marketing. Now, she has become a consultant to help people take their first steps in the field of affiliate marketing. She conceived the idea of opening the company Sunshine Rewards jointly with her husband, Kevin. She had a huge debt of a hundred thousand dollars. This affiliate marketing campaign helped them to come out of the debt and earn a profit as well.

Karl Kangur
Moz Rank: 32

Karl Kangur is a compulsive blogger on the internet on a variety of topics. His main area of interest is the affiliate marketing and online marketing techniques. He likes to blog about email marketing tools that can change the life of a freelance blogger. He suggests methods to take email marketing to the next level. Affiliate marketing of done diligently, is a good source of income. Karl Kangur has written many blogs in this subject. Today, one can rely on people such as Karl to deliver quality content. The affiliate-marketing scene is a huge ocean. Unless one gets good guidance, he would be lost.

Mahesh Mohan
Moz Rank: 32

Mahesh Mohan is an Indian blogger and a very young one at that. He started out by experimenting with web 2.0. After his graduation, he plunged headlong into the field. He feels that he is more comfortable working with small businesses. He was able to generate hundreds of leads in a month for giants such as Yahoo, Microsoft and so on. He founded the company ‘Minterest’. It was a personal blog until the year 2007. Today it is a digital marketing and technology journal. Mahesh believes in organizing things they way he wants them to be. He is obsessed with cleanliness. Surprisingly for an Indian boy, he does not like ice creams.

Adam Riemer
Moz Rank: 30

Adam Riemer is into this field of writing articles on marketing and online marketing topics for the past decade. He has been blogging for over 10 years in many niches. His articles have seen the light of print in magazines such as FeedFront, SearchEngineJournal and other publications. He is a speaker par excellence having done so at shows such as Affiliate Summit, Pubcon and so on. He has created this blog for affiliate marketers to reach him and seek his advice on marketing techniques in addition to a lot more.

Lisette Howard
Moz Rank: 29

Lisette Howard is the Director of Client Services, Performance at Schaaf Partnercentric. Prior to this assignment, she was the Senior Affiliate Program Manager at the same company. Her job at the Company is to manage clients in the best way possible. She is an effective blogger and an expert at affiliate marketing. She has great communication and persuasive skills. Her personality traits can floor any individual. She did her education from The University of California, Barbara. She has some wonderful customer reviews to her credit. She lists affiliate marketing, online and mobile marketing as her top interests. She is very active on the social media too.

Lorenzo Green
Moz Rank: 28

Lorenzo Green, also known as mrgreen in affiliate marketing circles, is a fulltime affiliate marketing professional. He started quite young at the age of 16 by doing freelance graphic designing. He started to dabble in buying and selling for which he earned a decent commission. He went to his first domain conference at the young age of 18. He started earning thousands of dollars in a month. His partner robbed him of his money forcing him to start afresh. He completed his education and plunged entirely into the field. Today he is a successful affiliate marketer earning a handsome sum of money.

Ron Cripps
Moz Rank: 28

Ron Cripps is an expert in the field of online and affiliate marketing. He created a blog spot to correct the errors people make while writing blogs and marketing campaigns in the free search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google. His aim is to teach people to avoid the same mistakes he did when he started out as a freelance blogger. He teaches prospective bloggers and marketers the effective use of keywords. He invites people to his website promising to teach them the nuances of online and affiliate marketing. He is in this business since 2001 and sells his own business eBooks.

Kim Rowley
Moz Rank: 28

This young woman, Kim Rowley, is a divorcee and mother of four children. She works from home. She has a degree in Business. She did not know anything about computers. However, she learnt marketing, networking, and accountancy. She started a small website in 1999 as a pastime. She was surprised when companies started paying her to promote her deals. She later went on to win the Affiliate Marketing Pinnacle Award. This prompted her to create this website for the benefit of all. She also lists resources to market the venture. Today she is also active on Google and Twitter.

Paul Bourque
Moz Rank: 28

Paul Bourque is a freelance blogger cum affiliate marketing expert. He also does interviews of fellow bloggers and posts them online. He has a funny way of expressing things making people like him instantly. These are good traits to see in an interviewer. Many bloggers visit the site to read his interview columns only. He is an effective blogger too. He writes on a variety of topics, with his specialty being affiliate-marketing techniques. His blogs can have a therapeutic effect on some readers, as one reader pointed out in his comments. The writer quit his drug addiction after reading Paul’s blogs.

Ian Lopuch
Moz Rank: 27

Ian Lopuch is a Silicon Valley business executive. He is also an active blogger and freelance affiliate marketing expert. He is also an investor. In short, Ian is a person donning many hats. He is an expert in the field. Many people come to him for guidance. He is a graduate of the Stanford University. He feels that though he is busy with other occupations, affiliate marketing will always remain close to his heart. He is a great team man. He stays focuses on simple but good work. He is a fan of the pay per click (PPC) form of digital advertising.

Jennifer Bland
Moz Rank: 26

Jennifer Bland is a full time blogger. She was doing a nine-to-five kind of a job. She retired from that job and entered the field of blogging and affiliate marketing. She has been reasonably successful in this activity. She now gets ample time to pursue her other activities such as mountain climbing and travelling around the world. She is a Neil Diamond fanatic. She has done her MBA too. She has a diary full on online marketing strategies she wishes to share with interested people. She believes in the power of the headline to any article. She extols the virtue of writing an attractive headline.

Andy Rodriguez
Moz Rank: 26

Andy Rodriguez is a social media strategist coupled with a live streaming consultant. He has valuable experience of nearly 18 years in the circuit. He has extensive knowledge of all factions of online marketing with special reference to affiliate marketing, social media marketing and social commerce. He is a certified Twitter and Periscope expert. He is a consultant in this field. He loves creating fresh connections and helping people to achieve their dreams. He is the founder/President of Andy Rodriguez Consulting. He is well conversant in English as well as Spanish. He cares about disaster and humanitarian relief in addition to his love for children

Vinny O’Hare
Moz Rank: 25

Vinny O’Hare is active on the internet scene since 1999. He used to sell things on eBay. This led to making websites for his as well as third party products. He runs about 30 websites today. He likes to share his knowledge with other likeminded people. He loves to help others set up their websites and takes pleasure in seeing them grow. He also consults with companies that start affiliate programs and struggle to move ahead. In addition to his passion for affiliate marketing, he is an avid fan of NASCAR and Atlanta Falcons. He is also a self-confessed photographer.

David Ford
Moz Rank: 25

David Ford is an expert blogger and affiliate marketer for the past ten years. He is founder of the Affplaybook blog spot. He was in fact working in a nine-to-five job. He accidently got a start in affiliate marketing while working on a project. He realized the potential of this job and plunged headlong into it. Within a short period of one year, he started making a handsome profit out of this venture. He has never looked back since then. He then took upon himself to coach other aspirants. This paved the way for Affplaybook. This forum has become extremely popular today.

Moz Rank: 24

His real name is Roderick. However, he uses the pseudonym Nathaniell while on the internet. In fact, Nathaniell is his middle name. He is a die-hard internet marketer teaching people how to start an online business to earn decent money. He dabbled in different jobs in the past. He did his early schooling in California before leaving to travel around Europe. He freelanced as an English teacher during his spare time. He learnt Mandarin and became fluent in that language too. In 2013, he returned to the States to work as a full time internet marketer. Now he wishes to help the world by teaching the correct methods of affiliate marketing.

Oliver Kenyon
Moz Rank: 24

Oliver Kenyon is just 27 years of age. He is a full time online entrepreneur cum business owner. Prior to that, he was a qualified chef. He had a difficult childhood. At 14 years of age, he started his first website. He moved to Stanford to acquire his culinary qualification. While he was in college. He started his first forum and made his first money ever online. He stumbled upon the CPA marketing techniques enabling him to earn $1000 per week. He quit his chef job and started establishing himself as an online entrepreneur. He is now involved in helping a number of companies to grow.

Jay Wessman
Moz Rank: 23

Jay Wessman is an Australian marketing and advertizing expert. He is a young man. He is the founder of the forum, ‘LazyAssStoner’. His main areas of skills are affiliate and online marketing. He is equally adept at SEO techniques. Email marketing and lead generation comes naturally to him. He is a young fellow. This, he is very active on social media as well. Internet marketing is also one of his main strengths. Now he is ready to teach others how to make money online. He shares his marketing skills on his website forum. They have gone viral. Many people have complimented him for the admirable work.

Michael Rogers
Moz Rank: 22

Michael Rogers is an efficient blogger cum affiliate marketing expert. He is also an author having written many meaningful and informative articles on affiliate marketing techniques. His latest article about ‘Call to action’ is a rage among the online marketers. He extols the virtues of the CTA program. He believes this is the right way for online marketing. He feels that the customer would be satisfied in this manner. He explains the various steps required to create an effective call to action. He believes that the CTA should invariably be the last step for the site visitor. He advocates a simple and effective CTA.

Thomas van der Kleij
Moz Rank: 22

Thomas Van der Kleij is a Dutch entrepreneur and affiliate marketer. He specializes in posting informative blogs about affiliate marketing. He believes in creating effective brand ambassadors for any product to be successful. He is the founder of the forum Tapfiliate. This forum specializes in creating brand ambassadors out of ordinary people. Tapfiliate is a cloud-based affiliate tracking software. You can create, track, as well as optimize your own affiliate marketing programs. You can avail of the free offer for a fortnight after which you will have to purchase the original software. This is very easy-to-use software. You can control your own programs using this software.

Prince Molak
Moz Rank: 68

Prince Molak is a compulsive blogger. He specializes in teaching people how to create blogs and earn money online using affiliate marketing techniques. In his latest blog, he talks about Clickbank. In fact, his blog is a full length tutorial on Clickbank. He explains how easy it is to sell products on Clickbank and earn sufficient money in form of legitimate commissions. He starts be explaining why creation of a blog is very important before using Clickbank. He advocates the choosing of a perfect niche for achieving great results. He feels that you should know the market trends before entering this area.

Todd Farmer
Moz Rank: 66

Todd Farmer is an affiliate marketing consultant and internal marketing strategy specialist. He works as CEO for PerformStreetMedia. He is the founder of the forum, ‘Kowabunga Technologies’. He sold the company later on to THK. Now he is back at home in Michigan working on his exciting projects. His areas of specialty include SEO, Email marketing, and affiliate marketing as well as managing technology and sales. He did his formal education at Michigan State University. He has good friends among fellow affiliate marketers with wine being the common interest. Three of them have created a company providing value to its users as well as advertisers.

Riley Steven Pool
Moz Rank: 20

Riley Pool prefers to self as blogger rather than a writer. He states that he hates writing. He takes to blogs to build ‘equity’ behind his name. This is necessary to become a recognizable entity in the online marketing industry. He holds a degree in Finance from the Northeastern State University. He is at present hoping to complete his Masters. A friend introduced him to the industry and taught him the basics. He tries his luck with several PPC companies but to no avail. He was literally broke. He took up a job with a PPC campaign. He took up a higher post very soon. Long hours started to tire him. He then founded the online marketing company Riis Media. This changed his life completely.

Shashank Gupta
Moz Rank: 18

Shashank Gupta is an Indian freelance blogger. He makes his living online. India is a nascent market as far as earning money online is concerned. A few people like Shashank Gupta can lead the way. People are not much conversant with blogging and affiliate marketing in this part of the world. Shashank leads the way for others to follow. He lives in Mumbai and is busy on the internet-marketing scene since the last five years. He has an MBA degree from a reputed University. Hence, he has sound basics. He invites interested people to join him by sending him an email to his address.

Ifiokobong Ibanga
Moz Rank: 16

Nigeria is another Third World country not very comfortable with concepts of affiliate marketing. Ifiokobong Ibanga is a blogger from Nigeria wishing to break the glass ceiling. He has designed the website on how to make money online in Nigeria. It is in fact a beginner’s guide. He teaches them the basics of blogging, affiliate marketing, Google Adsense and so on. He advocates that you could make an amount of at least $2500.00 per month on following his methods. You can improve on the methods and start earning much more over the next three years. Nigerians should visit this blog to learn.

Addi Ganley
Moz Rank: 66

Addi Ganley is a freelance blogger of repute. He is an acknowledged master in techniques of affiliate marketing. He has absolute mastery over the same. He now wishes to teach his skills to others so that the community may benefit at large. He teaches one how to build a successful blog on his website. By following his simple technique, you can build up the blog and get innumerable visitors per month. He advocates that he used the same methods to get more than seven thousand followers in a single month. If it can work for him, it can work for you too.

Moz Rank: 15

Peter G is an expert in blogging and affiliate marketing. He is also an expert in earning money through Clickbank. Many people might have heard of Clickbank. However, not many people know how it actually works. Peter G takes us through a tour of Clickbank explaining its working throughout. You should have your website to become a successful Clickbank affiliate. You should have a unique domain. He then feels that you should have your own host. Peter G takes great pleasure in sharing this information, as his aim is to help people to earn money through Clickbank. Anyone can do so easily if you follow his methods.

Moz Rank: 15

Andrew is from Melbourne, Australia. He is an expert web developer. He is an efficient affiliate marketer and occasional blogger. He took to computers at the age of 16. He used to hack websites and did reverse engineering of software. He always took to computers as a challenge. Thereafter he completed his degree in computers. He then became active in games development and design. After spending close to 5 years on different jobs, he chanced upon blogging and affiliate marketing as a money-spinning avenue. In his spare time, he regularly goes to the gym. He is a guitar player and does snowboarding for a hobby.

Borja Obeso
Moz Rank: 14

Borja Obeso is a successful blogger and affiliate marketing expert. He is the founder of the blog spot ‘’ He explains many positive aspects of affiliate marketing in particular to enable people to make money online. He places special emphasis on the Indian market conditions and shares his tips on how to start a successful online business enterprise in India. He advocates the use of audience research, segmentation, and personalization as the keys to online success. He teaches lean strategies to validate, grow, as well as promote your business without any waste of time and energy. He advocates out of the box thinking.

Moz Rank: 11

Chuknandy is a young blogger with a clear aim. He wishes to teach people how to make money as an affiliate marketer. He cites the example of Clickbank to put forth his views. He explains the procedure to follow for earning money successfully on Clickbank. He puts forth his views in just three points. He stresses the importance of picking up an offer to promote. The next step envisages drawing traffic to your affiliate link. The third step is not in your hands at all. Visitors visit the site and buy the product. You get a good commission in the bargain.

Tirtha Ojha
Moz Rank: 10

Tirtha Ojha is from the hilly country of Nepal. He is the founder of the blog ‘’. Originally, from a small place near the capital, Kathmandu, he registered his blog in October 2013. He started his blog in January 2014 with a view to share his thoughts and opinions. In this blog, he speaks mostly about earning money online. He lists many online earning tricks for people to master. He puts forth many blogging tips too. He emphasizes a lot about SEO techniques. Nepal is a very small country. He may be the first of his kind from the mountainous country.

Bradley Williams
Moz Rank: 31

Bradley Williams is an associate manager at All Inclusive Marketing Inc. Bradley has a great family background of successful entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is in his blood. His parents were successful businesspersons themselves. He learnt the nuances of the trade from them at a very young age. He did his schooling in the UK and started his graduation from Manchester Metropolitan University. He did not complete his education, though. He was an avid footballer during his school days. He joined the Company in November 2014. He had been in charge of the Recruitment of new affiliates into the company’s programs. Now he is the Associate Accounts manager.

Matt Carter
Moz Rank: 66

Matt Carter is a fulltime internet marketing professional. He makes a living by doing affiliate marketing on various online sources. He is a New Zealander, living in Christchurch with his small family. He emphasizes the value of ethical marketing and does not resort to short cut methods to earn money. He knows it could be difficult. He also knows that many people may not be having the money to spend on understanding online marketing techniques. He delivers his content free of cost to interested people. He invites people to join his mailing list. He is also active on the social network.

Melissa Culbertson
Moz Rank: 42

Melissa Culbertson is an efficient blogger. She likes to focus on important issues such as making money on the internet and so on. She is an advocate of earning money with affiliate links. She is an expert in her field. She takes time from her schedule to teach aspiring professionals on how to earn money online. She explains about affiliate marketing in detail in her blogs. She has a very simple way of looking at things. She likes to the simple things in as simple a manner as possible. This is her secret of success. She wishes to share the same with all of us.

Nader Qudimat
Moz Rank: 42

Nader Qudimat is a fitness freak. He has a well-sculpted body to boast. He uses his knowledge and experience to share with people over his fitness blog. He was a camel rider somewhere in the deserts of the Middle East. He developed his physical skill in those tough circumstances. However, he came to Canada and now spends most of his time here. He has an ambition to make an empire online. He has already started towards the goal. At present, he is studying in the University of Edinburgh. His main areas of interest are fitness regimens and body building skills.

Neeraj Agarwal
Moz Rank: 89

Neeraj Agarwal is the founder of He is an Indian entrepreneur famous for his expertise in affiliate marketing. He is one of the few Indians to have mastered this field. He writes beautifully in his blogs about the advantages as well as disadvantages of affiliate marketing. He understands the importance of affiliate marketing in ecommerce. His methods have seen sales improve in a single day too. He invites you to join him in the endeavor to create more blogs and help the people to do a decent job of affiliate marketing to earn a decent income. He is an expert in SEO too.

Victoria Galperinar
Moz Rank: 79

Victoria Galperina is a blogger who writes comments on various other bloggers in the internet. She is also an expert in affiliate marketing. She criticizes the other bloggers in a positive tone. She appreciates the good points while berating the bad ones as well. She does online interviews with such bloggers to know their actual line of thinking in the matter. She is a founder member of the forum She has the job of bringing quality content to her website. She does this by visiting other blogs and taking note of their positive aspects. Her forte is affiliate marketing.

Sarah Green
Moz Rank: 79

Sarah Green is an author airing her views on various blogs relating to affiliate marketing and the like. She covers the entire website for exploring latest web trends. She gets her cover stories from these websites. She places more emphasis on the digital marketing aspect. She is in this line of activity since 2012. She has a knack of picking up the right stories for commenting. She has a unique sixth sense in this connection. She knows which stories to track and which not to. Experience has taught her this wonderful aspect. On covering these stories, Sarah brings out the positive aspects in a beautiful manner.

Yannick van den Bos
Moz Rank: 27

Yannick van den Bos is a 6-figure affiliate marketer that specializes in the High Ticket Affiliate Marketing model. He is the creator of MOBE and doing his business while traveling the world. He also speaks all over the world teaching online systems and strategies on how to earn high ticket commissions.

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